A Short Autumn Break: Places to Escape Near Istanbul

Autumn is an exceptional season that offers unique landscapes where nature takes on yellow, orange and green tones. We have a few suggestions for those who want to take a short holiday in this special season, where it is a great pleasure to travel with the cool breeze.


Kiyikoy, a coastal town in Kırklareli’s Vize district, is 150-180 kilometres away from Istanbul. Kiyikoy, also a fishing town, has a magnificent view with its settlement on the rocky ground overlooking the sea between two natural sites.


Göynük, located 230 kilometres from Istanbul, is one of the correct addresses for those who want a holiday in a quiet, calm, peaceful environment. Included in the international Citta Slow Association in 2016, this charming district of Bolu has the title ‘Slow City’. It resembles an image from a postcard with its brown tiled roofs and whitewashed houses.


Located four hours from Istanbul, Yedigöller is in the national park category. As the name suggests, this region is a natural wonder with seven lakes. The region is suitable for camping, or you can stay at bungalow hotels.

Kaz Dağları (Mount Ida)

Autumn is different in Kaz Dağları, which ranks second in the world in terms of oxygen abundance in the air. Adatepe and Yeşilyurt villages are the only places you can stay in this paradise. The villages are 105 kilometres from the Çanakkale city centre and 35 kilometres from the Ayvacık district centre. It is lovely to walk through the village streets where Ottoman mansions and Greek stone houses intertwine and experience autumn.

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