What Will be the Travel Trends of 2023?

Travel preferences and holiday concepts began to change as each individual became well aware of the value of life and their loved ones in their inner journey and self-realization that started with the pandemic. According to the statements of major travel companies, take a peek at the travel trends that will rise this year.

No Phone, No Internet: Offline Travels

With this trend, vacationers will relax by going to a camping area or glamping facility without an internet connection.

Whole Family Together: Multi-generation Family Travels

In this travel trend, grandparents, mothers, fathers, and grandchildren will go on vacation together. Thus, everyone who travels with family members from various generations will reminisce about memories with their loved ones and enjoy spending time together.

Make a Wish: Wish Travels

Wish Travel is one of the rising trends of this year. It can be summarised as a person wishing to go to Paris to make it happen by mobilizing all their possibilities and going to Paris.

For those combining work with travel: Bleisure

Bleisure, where business trips are transformed into enjoyable holidays, will be one of the most popular travel trends of 2023.

For the health of the soul and body: Healing Holidays

As of this year, the demand for yoga camps, healing retreats and detox hotels will increase as part of the healing holiday trend.

Back to the past: Nostalgic Travels

According to this trend, people who used to stay in Bodrum in the past, will return to their childhood by vacationing in Bodrum this year.

Travel with paws: Traveling with pets

Every pawed friend is an integral part of the family for people with pets. For this reason, pet owners do not want to be separated from their pets while planning their vacations. Paw-friendly hotels are increasing day by day. Hotels serving in this concept are already in high demand for 2023 travel.

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