Ideas to Regulate the Circadian Rhythm

The circadian rhythm is the basic cycle of biological processes, such as digestion, sleep, and body temperature, repeated over 24 hours. Earth’s day and night cycle is the most important factor in the circadian rhythm. It means the harmony of our body with night and day. This 24-hour cycle is also effective in tidal events and geomagnetic events. The circadian rhythm has many physiological and psychological effects on people. So what should be done to strengthen this rhythm?

  • Adequate and balanced nutrition comes first. Taking the macronutrients at the right time affects the circadian rhythm positively.
  • Drinking adequate fluids during the daytime and preventing dehydration are essential.
  • It is necessary to reduce the artificial lights in the environment as much as possible during the hours when daylight ends.
  • Exposure to electronic devices such as television, telephone and computer should be minimized at the end of the day.
  • In cases such as shift work and jetlag, attention should be paid to the diet. Melatonin and nutrition are essential for a regular working metabolism.

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