Most Special Routes for a Snowy New Year

Karlı Bir Yeni Yıl

The idea of spending New Year’s Eve next to a fireplace while it’s snowing outside is delightful. We’re getting closer to 2024, but for those who haven’t planned their New Year’s holiday yet, we have some fantastic suggestions for the best destinations to enjoy the snow in Turkey. If you act fast, there’s no reason why you can’t start the new year with a dreamy white winter wonderland.


Kars, which turns into a snow-covered wonderland during the winter season, is an excellent destination to spend your New Year’s Eve. Exploring this enchanting city via the Orient Express is one of the best options for visitors. Kars offers its guests a whole winter journey to discover its historical landmarks, including Ani Ruins, Kars Castle, Apostles Church, Yanık Church, and Çıldır Lake. Moreover, Sarıkamış Ski Center is one of the best ski resorts in the country, boasting excellent snow quality and tracks.


Palandöken, a district of Erzurum and home to one of the leading ski resorts in our country stands out as a very suitable alternative this year, as it always has. Ski enthusiasts can indulge in their skiing dreams at Palandöken Ski Center, where the longest ski track is 12 km. The recent snowfall has brought the snow depth to 90 cm, making it an ideal time to visit the resort. The resort is currently gearing up for New Year’s Eve celebrations.


Bolu-Abant is a winter destination that is sure to capture your heart with its stunning natural beauty and charming accommodation options complete with fireplaces. This location, which is covered in snow in December, adds another level of beauty to its already picturesque scenery. With its national park, scenic nature trails, breathtaking lake views, and much more, Bolu-Abant is the perfect place to spend New Year’s Eve.

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