Meet the Favourite Hair Colours of Autumn

This autumn, hair is as lively, colourful and radiant as it can be. Many hair colours, from blonde to brown tones, are on the rise this year, making everyone happy. How about meeting the most fashionable hair colours, from bright chestnuts to honey blondes?

Luminous Chestnut

Intense and warm, this chestnut tone is the key to a youthful look…

Honey Blond

It is an excellent option for those who avoid dark tones like browns and are afraid to try lighter yellow tones!

Chocolate Layeres

Reminiscent of chocolate truffles, these tones win our hearts with their sparkle.

Cotton Candy Pink

Those who do not hesitate to make bold choices should try pastel pinks this season…

Hollywood Blond

Another trend that will make blonde-hair lovers happy is the Hollywood blond.

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