Steps to Safely Exercise in the Summer

Yazın en sıcak günlerini yaşıyoruz ve özellikle nem oranı nedeniyle bu sıcaklığı çok daha fazla hissediyoruz. Günlük rutinimizin sıcaklar nedeniyle zaman zaman sekteye uğradığı bu günlerde spor aktivitelerimizi gerçekleştirmek de pek kolay olmuyor. Uzmanlar yaz aylarında spor yaparken nelere dikkat edilmesi gerektiğini bakın nasıl özetliyor?

Pay Attention to Timing

When exercising in the summer, the most critical issue is choosing the right time. It is not advisable to exercise between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. when sun rays are most dangerous. Early morning is the best time to train. As exercise balances cortisol levels, it results in higher energy levels throughout the day, as well as healthier eating choices and improved sleep quality.

Avoid Vigorous Exercises

It would be wiser to do moderate or mild intensity exercises that last for shorter times instead of vigorous activities in the summer months. Swimming is one of the best activities for summer, in addition to exercises such as yoga, pilates and HITT training.

Choosing the Right Clothes

The sportswear selection in summer is essential compared to winter. The preferred clothes’ colours and materials affect the comfort significantly. Wearing light or brightly coloured sports clothes for outdoor sports helps reflect the sun’s rays. Choosing 100% cotton or high-tech performance fabrics in material selection would be right.

Keep Hydrated

Since you sweat more in summer, water consumption should increase proportionally. The daily water requirement, usually eight glasses a day, can be increased to 12 depending on the increased temperature and sweating amounts in the summer.

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