Deep Blue of Nobility and Love: Sapphire

With its fascinating colour, the energy believed to radiate, and the deep meanings it veils, sapphire, known as the stone of kings for centuries, has been one of the favourite jewellery of both women and men. Sapphire, which means “beautiful thing” in Greek, is one of the most favoured natural stones, especially by women, with its sparkling blue colour.

This exceptional stone, the representative of eternal loyalty, immediately stands out among the preferences of those who want to convey particular messages while reflecting their style with their accessories. The most well-known is Lady Diana’s engagement ring, named after her.

How Is Sapphire Used?

This fascinating stone has not only attracted women’s attention in the past. Thanks to the features it is believed to have, men often used sapphire as an accessory. Sapphire, considered a protective stone, especially by Western kings, is forbidden to be used outside the royal family in some countries. Dynasty members would visibly hang sapphires around their necks to protect them from sorcery, betrayal, defeat, and all evil. They also used sapphire ornaments on their crowns and brooches.

In the past, sapphire, also the symbol of the papacy, was believed to be the eye of the god Horus in ancient Egypt. Another belief about sapphire is that it has antidote properties. It was thought that when a poisonous snake is placed in the same container as the sapphire, the antidote effect of the sapphire would kill the snake.

This precious stone, worn by many people from kings to clergy, represents love, loyalty, reliability and longing. Sapphire, also known as the stone of destiny or star stone, is believed to remove fear, anxiety, delusion, hatred and anger and increase the feelings of inner peace, love and friendship. Sapphire, the most burdensome to find in nature, appears in rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets as one of today’s most meaningful gifts.

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