The Importance of Two-Stage Cleansing in Skin Care

The two-stage skin cleansing, which we keep hearing recently, more commonly known as “Double Cleansing”, is more important than you think for healthy skin. In this article, you can find everything you want to learn about cleansing the skin in two stages, first with an oil-based and then a water-based cleanser…

Our skin gets very dirty when exposed to external and environmental factors all day long. When the dirt that clings to the skin is not cleaned thoroughly, it causes problems such as blackheads and acne. A thorough cleaning is more complicated than you might think because using only water-based or oil-based cleansers is not enough to clean the skin. Water-based cleansers are inadequate to purify the skin from ingredients such as make-up and sunscreen; likewise, oil-based ingredients are insufficient to clean the skin from dirt and sweat. That is why a two-stage cleaning is essential.

How to do a two-stage facial cleansing?

Step 1: If you have heavy make-up on your skin, remove it with micellar water.

Step 2: Pour enough oil cleanser on your hand, distribute it evenly on your face and massage in circular movements. Rinse it off with water. When choosing your oil-based cleanser, ensure it contains fixed oils with low comedones, such as Jojoba and Castor Oil.

Step 3: Now, you can clean dirt and oil off your face with a water-based face wash gel suitable for your skin type.

Step 4: Complete your skin care with tonic, serum or cream, whichever suits your skin type.

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